LA Series 25 LA-S





LA-S series engines control line engines replace the carburetor with
a venturi that keeps the engine running at a constant speed.
Remote needle valve reduces chance of injury from spinning props. Nylon backplate mount and ratchet spring help hold settings against "creep" caused by vibration. An O-ring helps seal the needle from fuel and air leaks. Heavy-duty webbing reinforces the one-piece crankcase in high stress areas. Two year warranty against manufacturing defects in parts and workman- ship. The crankcase has a blue finish.

INCLUDES: One 25 LA-S Control Line Engine with E-3030 Muffler.
Two 3 x 30mm phillips head muffler mounting screws.
Instruction Manual

REQUIRES: Fuel: 10% to 20% Nitro and 20% Oil content is recommended.
.25 LA
(OSMG0025) 0.2485
SPECS: Displacement:(4.0 cc) 0.7087
Bore:(18 mm) 0.63
Weight:(197 g) 9x5-6, 10x5 12350,, prostunt products,, copyright ęclever ltd 1997-2003 all rights reserved