We sell only professional quality plans, printed on top quality paper. Many designs are exclusive to us like the Jerseyan and the Cardinal Evolution.

Some plans go as many as 6 sheets. Most sell for less than $15

Designed with Windy and Inspired by the original full size 60 size Cardinal, this version utilizes Reduced Pattern Master Aerodynamics packed in 54" wingspan, to suit powerful .40's  $14.95

plus $4.50 shipping

Ares (Bill Werwage) Legendary I-beamer for.35s $14.95
Argus (Steve Wooley) .35 size I-beamer $14.95
Avanti (Bob Baron) No. 2 at the Worlds in 1985; for .40-.60 $14.95
Ballerina (Charles Lickliter) Corrected for full size; never previously available $14.95
Bucks Deluxe (Joe Adamusko) Elliptical wing beauty for .40 to .51 $14.95
Cardinal '92 (Windy)

.40 to .51 '92 Concours winner. Buso plans show foam or laser components. Available as a kit. For details click on the plane  $19.95
Cardinal .60 (Windy) 20-pointer of '88 NATS. Plans by Buso show techniques and full construction. $19.95
Cobra (Steve Wooley) I-beam construction .46 to .60 Beauty $14.95
Crusader F-8 (Harold Price) An awesome .49-.60 design featuring retracts and unique manta type wing and tail $14.95
F-4 Phantom (Billy Suarez) Jet stunter for .35-.46. Built up construction $14.95
Jay Dee Falcon (John D'Ottavio) A Classic .35 ship $14.95
Jerseyan (John D'Ottavio) Classic with upright engine .35-.46 $14.95
Now Available

Plans for Windy's Miss Ashley P51:

All new aerodynamics, Carbon fiber molded parts and conventional construction.

The 2 Plan set has many cutaways and useful how to's. Designed around modern 40-60 pipe motors or use a normally aspirated .51-60. Windy hand makes a superb pipe and many ready to fit carbon fiber parts especially for this design. All the detail is on the plans.

Available Now, Order by smart cart today. $22.95

Mosquito (Jack Sheeks) Scale like twin engine ship for two .35's $14.95
Oriental (Dee Rice)

Classic said to fly like the Nobler; .35-40. Now available in a Brodak kit $14.95
(Joe Adamusko & Windy)
For.51-.60. Follow-on to the spitfire features sliding canopy molded parts, contest proven aerodynamics $14.95
Skyscraper (Bob Palmer) Classic .46-.60 plane $14.95
Stiletto (Les McDonald) .35 kit plan (Collectable) $14.95
Strega (Windy)

Front Row at '95 Nats for .51 to .60 $14.95
Sweeper (Windy)

Monster .60 size plane. The first! $19.95
Tsunami (Windy)

.51-.60 Front Row at '94 Nats $19.95
Spitfire (Joe Adamusko & Windy)
3 sheet plan set, contest-proven aerodynamics $19.95
Shipping for each plan $3.20 US   $8 international

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