Proven Design used by Top 5 Competitors including Windy Urtnowski and Richard Oliver, Designed and produced by Dave Midgley.

Testarossa, Novanta, Carnivore MkII, Miss Ashley

Wing shells are vacuum bagged using high strength infusion resin producing a structure that has unmatched strength to weight ratios. Wing components are laid up by hand in the machined aluminum mold resulting in wing that is not only perfectly straight but extremely rigid.

Wing is built with 4” Windy “Bulletproof” bellcrank and leadouts already installed. Just add your wingtip shape.

Composite Wing construction and finishing videos are also available from Windy

Length without tips: 57” – 65” (you decide Length) Chord: 10” Tip: 8”
Construction, High Temp professional resin, Finest Glass / Carbon or Kevlar Cloth, superlight compressed balsa, Carbon Weave. Windy Urtnowski Specially modified Glass Nylon Bellcrank assembly.

Super light Glass Composite Wing
Basic Super light Glass Composite Wing:
$575.00 plus shipping

Wing with professional inset gear blocks and support riblets installed:
This is the one used by Windy, Rich Oliver and Dave Midgley at top 5 level
$650 plus shipping

Middle weight Carbon or Kevlar Composite Wing
Basic middle weight Carbon or Kevlar Composite Wing:
$975.00 plus shipping

Middle weight Carbon or Kevlar Composite wing with pro inset gear
and support riblets installed:
$1150 plus shipping

Carbon Carnivore / Cardinal Fuselage shells and Carbon composite Crutch

- Resin Infused and vacuum bagged Carbon Fiber Fuse halves
- Carbon Fiber Crutch
- Carbon fiber Cowl

Add your own Wing, Stab, Elevator, and Rudder

$400.00 plus shipping

Contact: dave midgley @ comcast. net (remove spaces) for more details or to order parts.

Construction videos, carbon fuel tanks, spinners, exhaust systems, and other components available from Windy

Dave ships worldwide but obviously the further away from NH USA the higher the cost. Please email Dave for an accurate cost and include your full address and Postal /Zip code.,  prostunt products, copyright ©Windy Urtnowski 1997-2007 all rights reserved