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Sheeted Wings
Custom Templates
Double and Triple Core Wings
Price List
Custom Templates $14.95
Double and Triple Core Wings $34.95
Stabs and Elevators $17.95
Wing Spar Installed $9.95
Landing Gear Clips
plus Spar
Sheeted Wings $299.95
U.S. Shipping $10 per box
International Shipping $20- $30 approx
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Welcome to JD's Foam Products!


We are new! but we offer one of the best turnarounds in the hobby industry. We have many of the latest designs in stock and hundreds of templates already available.

If we don't have a template for a design that you would like to build we can custom make templates for you from any drawing that you supply.

We accept Cash Checks and PayPal. We can supply to you wherever you are in the world, all we ask is pre-payment and flexibility on delivery if you are based outside the U.S.

Examples of just some of the designs we can produce are below. If you don't see your favourite design contact us for information.


89' Cardinal Forerunner Miss Letha
Cardinal 92 (65) Gumbo II Psyclone
Imitation Hercules Skylark
Jaguar Hercules 60 Soundwave
Patternmaster 51 Impact Stiletto 660
Patternmaster 60 Jungle Bird Soundwave
Patternmaster 46 Legacy 40 Stunt Machine
Strega 60 Prowler Tsunami 40
Strega 40 Litewave Sunriser 60
CD Mack Gensis Little Legends
1/2 A
Gieseke Nobler
Genesis 46 Magician Tantrum II
Cardinal 40 Magnum Trivial Persuit
Cascade 700 Miss Ashley II United
Vegas Wild Cat Urtnowski B25
Urtnowski Typhoon 40 Urtnowski Typhoon 60 Tsunami 60
Wing Spar Installed and Wing Mounted Landing Gear Clips
Stabs and Elevators



Contact Us for more details!

John Duncan
50 Hathorn Blvd
Saratoga Springs
NY 12866 USA

Call 518 583 8839


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