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No.Model No.NameType & ModsMotorNo of tanksFirst FlightWritten OffComments
169LarkMM kitST G21/23??Returned to Mick Wilshere March '74
281Lark 2MM kitHB 25125 tanks?Still Going!Bought with proceeds from sale of R/C Stearman
394Baron 20Kalt kitOS 25280?Returned for 20MXRCM&E review
4103Baron 50Kalt kitOS 50H192?6/7/98No bits to repair it
5110Helimax 60Graupner kitOS 61 FSR-H??Rebuilt into 119RCM&E review
6111SquirrelRobbe kitOS 61 FSR??Swapped fus for OS 61RCM&E review. Mechs went into various other machines. Still in Avantgarde 2
7112Bell 212Graupner kitHB 61 Stamo??Sold 6/7/87Restored from wreck bought from Alan Laurie
8113CycloneKalt kitOS 50H??Sold '89RCM&E review
9115LongrangerKalt fus with Heim mechsOS 61FSR??7/5/87Mechs from Squirrel
10119Helimax Jet RangerGMP fus with Helimax mechsOS 61 FSR-H?8/8/8730/7/95
11120AvantgardeRobbe kitOS 61 FSR14111/10/8723/5/98Mechs from Squirrel. 2028 auto's
12125Longranger 2Kalt fus with Heim mechsOS 61 FSR434/2/89Still Going!Mechs bought for Starlight. 673 auto's
13126LegendGMP kitOS 61 FSR-H4419/3/89Sold July '91RCM&E review. 527 auto's
14127StarlightVario kitOS 61 FSR134/12/9811/6/99Elevator link failed. 254 auto's
15129MagicSchluter kitWebra 61H1783/5/89Sold 11/6/97RCM&E review
16131Bell UH-1 'Huey'Morley kitST 45H921/7/90Sold Feb '93Cooling marginal
17135Space BaronKalt kitWebra 28H778/8/90Sold Sept '92RCM&E review. 775 auto's
18136WhisperKalt kitElectric1222 flights5/10/90Still Going!RCM&E review. 605 auto's
19148MaverickMorley kitSC 46/ST 45H353/10/93Sold 26/4/96Rotorsport review. 134 auto's
20151Xl-proMAS kitOS 61 SX5119/3/94Reluctantly sold 22/2/98MHW review. 1323 auto's
21152Enforcer ZRKalt kitST G34H120.2527/3/94Sold 27/01/02MHW review. 1493 auto's
22153Moskito BasicRobbe kitMDS 40811/9/94Returned to MHWMHW review
23154Black Shark fuselageEZ kit-?11/1/95Sold 27/01/02Fus for 152
24157Alpha 30Kalt kitEnya 53FS2022/1/95Returned to MHW 25/7/96MHW review. Present from Kalt. 140 auto's
25158LMH 100Lite Machines kitTD 051/Norvel 061918/2/95Sold 11/2/98MHW review
26159Concept SR-XKyosho kitOS 32SX13618/3/95Still Going!MHW review. 1900 auto's
27162X-Cell 60MAS kitOS 61 FSR-H7711/9/95Still Going!MHW review. 1731 auto's
28163Hyper ApacheKyosho kitElectric20 flights17/9/95Still Going!MHW review. Looks like a heli
29164Baron 20/2Kalt kitOS 28H603/3/96Still Going!Restoration from old kit
30165Ergo 30JR kitSC 36810/5/96Returned to MHW 25/9/96Worst heli ever. 28 auto's
31169X-Cell 60MAS kitST 61?7/7/97Built for Dave Wilshere
32170Mini-BoySchluter kitIrvine 36/46753/11/97Sold 29/01/02
33171Xl-Pro 4 strokeMAS kitLaser 75?20/3/98Built for Dave Wilshere
34172Predator canopyRaves kit-?20/1/9825/4/98Destroyed when model threw blade
35173X-Cell gasMAS kitZenoa 23??/?/98Built for Dave Wilshere
36182Star RangerGraupner kitOS 61SX?18/10/98Built for Dave Wilshere
37183Mega 40Graupner kitOS 40?17/1/99Built for Dave Wilshere
38185Mini Star RangerGraupner kitN/A??Built for Dave Wilshere
39186Avantgarde 2Robbe kitOS 61 FSR26<9/TD>4/2/00Still Going!Needs a fus. 458 auto's
40189Baron 20MXKalt kitOS 28H??SoldNumbered 118 but ommitted from records
41190Penni helicopterKitRubber
12/3/00Still Going!Indoor F/F
42N/AConcept 30DXKyosho kitOS 28??Built for HJNBuilt in shop sometime in 1990
43202HornetMS kitElectric96013/09/01Still Going!Indoor R/C
44204Hornet 2MS kitElectric47324/02/02Still Going!Indoor R/C. Flybarless collective
45208Hornet CPMS kitElectric711/06/02
Built for Dave Wilshere
46211Hornet CPMS kitElectric???Built for Dave Wilshere
47212X-Cell 30MAS kitIrvine 39???Built for Dave Wilshere
48a215aHornet canopy (X-Cell)ElectricIndoor R/C heli
???Built for Dave Wilshere
48b215b"Electric"???Built for Dave Wilshere



49219Hornet CP 3ElectricR/C indoor helicopter420/01/03
Built for Mike Oldfield
50237PiccoloElectricR/C helicopter17527/3/0530/10/13
51244BladerunnerElectricR/C kelicopter18 cycles08/06/0631/07/08Numbered out of sequence
52247Lama V4ElectricR/C helicopter19801/02/08Still Going!
53248Lama 2ElectricR/C helicopter12215/04/0830/10/13
54253Walkera 5G6ElectricR/C indoor helicopter10224/06/0830/10/13
55254Walkera 2ElectricR/C indoor helicopter2722/10/0830/10/13
56255Walkera 3ElectricR/C indoor helicopter2118/07/0830/10/13originally John Hollands
57256Blade mCXElectricR/C indoor helicopter58008/11/08Still Going!
58259Buzzfly SEElectricR/C helicopter23727/03/09Still Going!RTF toy!
59260Honey Bee King 2ElectricR/C helicopter2907//06/09Still Going!
60266BlackhawkElectricI/R helicopter3723/09/0930/10/13RTF toy!
61277Walkera 4#6ElectricR/C indoor helicopter12014/09/10Still Going!RTF toy!
62282Gyro ZoomerElectricR/C indoor helicopter408/07/1130/10/13RTF toy!
63292Ladybird 1Electric quadcopterR/C sport97
Still Going!RTF toy!
64293Ladybird 2Electric quadcopterR/C sport94
Still Going!RTF toy!
65295Solo Pro V2Electric helicopterR/C sport9
Still Going!RTF toy!
66297Solo ProElectric helicopter V1R/C sport3
Still Going!RTF toy!
67298Hubsan X-4Electric quadcopterR/C sport3104/12/12Still Going!RTF toy!
68308Hubsan Q5ElectricR/C quadcopter3205/02/14Still Going!RTF toy!
69311Blade Nano CPxElectric helicopterR/C sport92
Still Going!RTF toy!
70316VideocopterElectricR/C sport6
Still Going!RTF toy!
71317Super CPElectric helicopterR/C sport87
Still Going!RTF toy!
72318AS 350 SquirrelElectric helicopterR/C sport44
Still Going!RTF toy! 3 Blade head