Merco Engines

The idea for this page originated when Ian Russell suggested that I should host his article on the history of Merco Engines from 'Model Engine News' (reproduced below) so that it could be available to a wider audience. This led to the idea of using all available data and listing it in chronological order.
Further contributions that can add useful information re the history of these motors are welcome.

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Latest Engine News - Peter Chinn, from 'Model Aircraft' August & September 1958

Engine Tests - Merco 'Stunt 35' - Peter Chinn, from 'Model Aircraft' January 1960

Engine Analysis - 1960 model Merco 35 - R H Warring, from 'Aeromodeller' February 1960

The Merco 49 R/C - from 'Model Aircraft' July 1962

Peter Chinn tests the Merco 61 - from 'Model Aircraft' October 1964

Engine Analysis Merco .61 R/C - R H Warring, from 'Aeromodeller' November 1964

Latest Engine News - Merco .61 R/C Mark 2 - Peter Chinn, from 'Aeromodeller' July 1966

Merco 20 - by John Goodall, from 'Model Engine World' February 1999

Starting a history of Merco - by Ian Russell, from 'Model Engine World' May 2002

Merco engines - the early years - by Bill Morley, from 'Model Engine World' October 2002

A Merco 35 - by Dave Day, January 2003

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