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Gobrushless motor kits

The stated aim of the Gobrushless company is to make available the various parts of the CD-ROM motor so that it is possible to produce several motors of identical performance. Apart from component parts, they also produce several kits. These are available via their website or, in the UK, from Micron Radio Control.

Their website has a database of motor windings and performance. The table below gives my own experience based on three motors. These are three different windings of their basic kit (GBv 1.1). The 21 turn 'Star' winding is the standard kit wind and is detailed in the assembly manual. The 32 turn 'Delta' is the same as the C&K motor detailed elsewhere.

Note that on the popular GWS 8 x 4.3 prop there is little difference between the three.

21T 26 AWG
36T 34 SWG
32T 30 SWG
Prop Current
RPM Current
RPM Current
5 x 3 Cox1.9384002.1596002.6510300
6 x 3 Cox2.793003.159600
5.5 x 4 Cox2.691003.389750
5.25 x 6 Graupner3.280004.39000
7 x 6 GWS4.55800
8 x 4.3 GWS4.663004.360005.66400
8 x 6 GWS5.351006.65300
9 x 4.7 GWS5.550004.54100
9 x 7 GWS7.542006.137007.124000

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