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Blade mCX Batteries

BatteryTypeNo & size of cellsMakeDateScrappedNo of
Main useComments
L47Li-Poly1 x 110 MAhE-Flite08/11/0822/12/0823Blade mCX
L48Li-Poly1 x 200 MAhFullriver05/12/0805/03/0928Blade mCX
L49Li-Poly1 x 200 MAhFullriver05/12/0805/03/0918Blade mCX
L50Li-Poly1 x 200 MAhFullriver05/12/0824/01/099Blade mCX
L51Li-Poly1 x 110 MAhE-Flite10/12/0801/07/1040Blade mCX
L52Li-Poly1 x 110 MAhE-Flite10/12/08
29Blade mCX
L55Li-Poly1 x 110 MAhE-Flite23/12/08
28Blade mCX
L56Li-Poly1 x 110 MAhE-Flite23/12/08
25Blade mCX
L60Li-Poly1 x 130 MAhFullriver11/03/0922/08/0933Blade mCX
L61Li-Poly1 x 130 MAhFullriver11/03/0922/08/0927Blade mCX
L64Li-Poly1 x 110 MAhMid Heli06/05/09
32Blade mCX
L65Li-Poly1 x 110 MAhMid Heli06/05/09
30Blade mCX
L74Li-Poly1 x 250 MAhFullriver22/09/09
29Blade mCX
L75Li-Poly1 x 250 MAhFullriver22/09/09
0Blade mCX
L77Li-Poly1 x 130 MAhTenergy28/09/09
14Blade mCX
L78Li-Poly1 x 130 MAhTenergy28/09/09
17Blade mCX
L79Li-Poly1 x 138 MAhHi-Model22/11/09
14Blade mCX
L80Li-Poly1 x 138 MAhHi-Model22/11/09
11Blade mCX
L81Li-Poly1 x 138 MAhHi-Model22/11/09
9Blade mCX
L82Li-Poly1 x 138 MAhHi-Model22/11/09
17Blade mCX
L83Li-Poly1 x 130 MAhHi-Model29/01/10
8Blade mCX
L84Li-Poly1 x 130 MAhHi-Model29/01/10
8Blade mCX
L85Li-Poly1 x 130 MAhHi-Model29/01/10
10Blade mCX
L86Li-Poly1 x 130 MAhHi-Model29/01/10
9Blade mCX
L87Li-Poly1 x 110 MAhParkzone15/02/10
10Blade mCX
L88Li-Poly1 x 180 MAhMiniaviation03/03/10
L89Li-Poly1 x 180 MAhMiniaviation03/03/10
L94Li-Poly1 x 110 MAhParkzone15/02/10
6Blade mCX
L95Li-Poly1 x 120 MAhParkzone03/04/10
7+JH Blade mSRfrom John Holland
L96Li-Poly1 x 180 MAhMiniaviation22/05/10
L97Li-Poly1 x 180 MAhMiniaviation22/05/10
L98Li-Poly1 x 180 MAhMiniaviation22/05/10
L99Li-Poly1 x 180 MAhMiniaviation22/05/10
L100Li-Poly1 x 180 MAhMiniaviation22/05/10
L106Li-Poly1 x 138 MAhTurnigy12/11/10
6Blade, etc.
L107Li-Poly1 x 138 MAhTurnigy12/11/10
7Blade, etc.
L108Li-Poly1 x 138 MAhTurnigy12/11/10
6Blade, etc.
L109Li-Poly1 x 138 MAhTurnigy12/11/10
5Blade, etc.
L110Li-Poly1 x 138 MAhTurnigy12/11/10
5Blade, etc.
L114Li-Poly1 x 120 MAhParkzone10/02/11


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