Current demographics show that the majority of contestants are of the age to be challenged by the physical and psychological requirements of everyday competition. Despite of increasingly heavy dosing with Beta Blockers it’s ever more difficult for them to maintain the necessary reaction time. It seems there’s great demand for action and for some deceleration of proceedings.
                              We urgently need rules which will perfectly match the skills and abilities of reflex-disabled competitors in their senior moments. For this reason a new subcommittee was founded. So far several meetings were held and some basic rule changes were hotly discussed.        
"I wouldn't consider it a mistake if the rules would somehow reflect our working speed".
"Till I get up and into the pylon fork, 3 minutes are over".
In F2A it was felt necessary to significantly reduce pylon height and to adjust it for easier reach and comfortable use, in order to allow competitors to get into the pylon within the laid down time limit. Maybe this limit should be constantly extended with increasing age.
" I hope I'll make the required 9 laps before sunset".
No changes for the FAI F2B schedule were considered necessary since most pilots prefer very slow lap times anyway.      
“I can do 5.2 lap times.”
“I can do 5.6 laps with ease.”
“I can do that MUCH much slower!”

"Me? I'm illiterate!"
" If only the Wingover wouldn't last that long".
One rule proposal suggested to think about corner radius, because the currently required quick change of direction may easily exceed reflexes of grey haired competitors. Also the number of level laps can be reduced or even completely eliminated, because the presentation at moderate speeds will give judges enough time to write down scores.
"My physics are not exactly suitable to do 90 degree corners quickly".
F2C rules will have to include a number of changes.    
      Blocking will hardly be of significance any more, so it needs not be defined. However additional attention must be given to Overtaking, since pilots tend to overtake too low. It surely pays to think about the number of laps to avoid excessive duration of rounds.      
"By all means - two laps and one pit stop is enough!"    
" I'd better get out of my house now. My pilot is landing - and the model is only five inches away".  
In F2D it sounds as a good idea to allow cuts on the ground, too.    
All discussions were held in calm and relaxed atmosphere. At this point in time the committee members have decided to take a break and carefully collect additional specific information from experts. Further meetings will continue immediately as soon as the members get back.