In the past progress of modern technology has taken place mostly outside of control line circles. In this situation an advertisement in one of our leading modelling magazines ( they all lead ) hit the scene like a crash out of the wingover with some shocking news. Our biggest model manufacturer , finally following the trends of the time, has developed a revolutionary new control system.Even those highly sophisticated multi function manifold adjustable high end Pro Handles appear like rather archaic tools when compared with this high tech instrument and will soon be forgotten. Based on the ingenious design of the Hot Rock grip, with some subtle modifications and supported by New Era East Chinese research, this new tool will place in the shade everything that has been used before. Developed under the project designation DIGI LINE 3000 PRO by Broduct Inc.Corporation this system is aimed at the contest oriented precision aerobatics pilot with highest talents, highest demands, with or without vision defects and eye glasses. Most modern knowledge of computer electronics is realized in this product and will be a match for any requirements of future centuries.  
To give a comprehensive description of all minute details would be beyond the scope of this article and would probably exceed intellectual skills of all interested individuals, including the manufacturer. Only a few spectacular features of this breathtaking digital-analog sytem will be mentioned here.
To begin with there are four function modules which allow easy programming and precise fine tuning of the different classes of aerobatics. A gradually trimmable wind indicator ( including a highly sensitive storm sensor ) working in a refined approximation process and supported by a reliable Alto-Gyro-Ratio system can quickly calculate wind speed and direction. The “manoeuvre board” with illuminated LED screen allows free choice of stunt event, showing all manoeuvres in index view or in enlarged size. A separate switch will change from AMA version with low resolution to FAI scoring including K-factors in 1/1000 steps. A red warning button with buzzer will remind the pilot of missed manoeuvres, not enough level laps, and flying below the ground. A high frequency part in modern 40 point technology will inform the judges quickly about well executed manoeuvres, to wake them up so they can update the score automatically, additionally considering halo efficiency, airplane appearance points, and pilot’s robe.
    The main” Control Lever” for UP and DOWN is controlled by the left hand. On the right there is the MAIN SWITCH with ergonomically shaped thumb dent ( update for lefties available ). “You press the button, we do the rest” is the slogan of the manufacturer - rightful so. The button is pressure sensitive and allows different choice of manoeuvre size, intersection concruity, and corner radius. Users can choose the Override Button for extra sharp corners sacrificing a clean corner exit respectively occasional ground contact.
  The front edge of the case has a deep belly recess covered with a newly developed Soft- Poly foam, thoughtfully designed to avoid dents and to absorb sweat. Both sides have adjustable slots for cooling air to prevent overheating ( of the pilot ) in stressful moments at the Nationals.      
The software includes a wide range of individual settings, depending on the preferred flying style of the pilot, geographical area ( East or West ), and composition of the judges panel. Monthly updates about judges personal preferences will be available soon. There are plugs to connect DIGI LINE 3000 with your computer via Fire Wire 7 strand cable, transferring successful flights to the computer. WLAN mode is accessible by CIAM broad band only. This is a big help to file protests if the judges’ score cannot be accepted. The software includes preshaped templates for perfectly formulated protests, supported by the newly developed On Field Quick Print process. A modern GPS system will coordinate DIGI LINE 3000 with the nearest NASA satellite, thereby correcting line length and line angle with the Sinus button. This tool also receives laser coordinates from the center of the earth and aligns models and pilots exactly horizontally and vertically (for pilots the ladder only). In the “Geriatric Transformer” mode reaction time in milliseconds can be adjusted on a touch screen table to compensate for the age of the pilot, adjustable in decade steps ( dangerous range is marked RED ).
  The real break through feature of this system is the insert slot for the REMOTE MODULE. This precision HF system with automatic dynamic pitch, yaw, and roll correction, depending on lap time and engine sound, will revolutionize aerobatic flying in a degree not yet imaginable today. Connected with the “Central View Space” software the flight is presented on the manoeuvre screen ( 5 inch monitor, sun shield adjustable ).
A free graphic EXE software which can read PA files is included. You need not go to the flying field any more. The DIGI LINE video player ( included ) will show your flight in real time on the monitor. You will be able to easily see your flight, and to control, trim, and watch the airplane - quite comfortably from your home. The solid adjustable safety stand allows for vibration free position on the bedside table or for longer sessions in the rest room.          
The dream of every ambitious aerobatic pilot will finally come true. One squeeze on the MAIN SWITCH - and the manoeuvre is done. No more need to suffer from endless practice hours/ days/ months/ years/ decades/ centuries etc. The World Championships crown within quick and easy reach. But progress never stops. Imagine in what happy situation we already are: at present flyers don’t need to build airplanes any more. In the near future pilots don’t even need to FLY anymore. From reliable sources we’ve got secret information that the manufacturer is again working feverishly to develop an even better final version of this system. This should make the pilot totally superfluous and fully replace him/her.
Haven’t we got a bright future !