The full name is „Stomping at the SAVOY“. And this includes the image of Louis Armstrong’s hot jazz rhythm, of luxury hotels, and of that princely mountain region South of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Really a princely name for an airplane.
Savoy was my last airplane NOT built in fully detachable configuration - the benefits of this method just cannot be overlooked. Span is 156 cm, wing area 43 sq dm ( 669 sq inch ), engine 60 size ( ST 60 in original ).
The design was an attempt to mix some cool straight lines together with a few nostalgic design elements. The fuselage side view offers mainly horizontal lines ( top and bottom lines, paint scheme ). Also the paint scheme on the wing is kept as clear as possible - except for the name which is written in some old fashioned characters; thereby trying to transfer the meaning of the name. On the other hand the front view has some very round curves, and the open cockpit is nostalgia “par excellance”.
The fuselage nose construction with its cheek cowl imitations is a little more complicated than the average method, but I think the look is worth the effort. Looks were originally inspired by the then popular LASER nose design, but then highly modified to come out at a unique distinctive shape. Despite being over 1900 gram ( the clear coat was destroyed and I had to apply a second one ) SAVOY was one of my best airplanes.
Stomping at the