To most people Salzburg means Mozart, opera festivals, and Mozart Balls ( a famous sweetie named after Johann Wolfgang ). To control line flyers Salzburg means one of the biggest and most interesting European contests. It means international participation from many European countries, where people of different nations, language, and culture meet for a gathering of friends with equal interest and love for the same thing.
I’ve never been the purely rational flyer when it comes to competition, the type who fights for placing and points only. I’ve always seen contest participation to also be a means to enjoy a most pleasant weekend, to meet my friends, and to refill the “fun tank” for next week’s rat race. To reach this goal I prefer to enjoy a nice flying site, in a beautiful landscape, with nice country guesthouses with excellent meals and wine. Salzburg can offer all of this in a perfect combination because it’s a popular tourist area. Situated right near the Austrian/ German border, in an area of softly rolling hills, lovely lakes, and with a background of impressive rocky mountains, it’s the right place for control line flying.
Our hotel on top of a hill, with panorama view over surrounding mountains, delicious food and wine.
The flying site is some 20 km outside of Salzburg, close to the village Eugendorf, where we find our favourite hotels. Over all those years I’ve been to most of them, and you can choose just any of them - vou’ll never be disappointed. If possible we usually arrive several days early ( some even stay a whole week ) before the start of the contest and spend the time with some practice flying, small ( and not so small ) talk, and site seeing. We especially enjoy the Salzburg old town center, ( in my eyes ) the most beautiful beergarden in the world, and boat tours on those picturesque lakes - even during the contest !
View from hotel terrace down over Eugendorf.
The contest is run over three days. So for us stunt flyers this means one flight per day, which leaves plenty of time. We use it for those above mentioned pleasantries and leave the practice circle for the hardcore flyers.
This year participation was somewhat down, especially in team race and speed. These technical classes seem to suffer from their complicated, high level, and expensive technology. With 26 pilots from eight nations Aerobatics had the usual, even if somewhat low average participation. It was the usual suspects who placed at the top, with Richard Kornmeier ( Germany ), Alexander Schrek ( Slovakia ), and Igor Burger ( Slovakia ) in that order.

The "camp ground" starts to grow even one week before the contest begins. A lot of excellent restaurants are at short driving distance.
It was highly interesting to see two electric entries. It’s quite obvious that electric drive has reached a level which allows high performance aerobatics. There’s no disadvantage to combustion engines any more - rather some benefits seem to show up. Both Igor Burger and Tamas Tokay ( Hungary ) showed that electric drive is at least equal in performance to the “wet” fraternity. Some details:
Swiss team visiting the world's most beautiful beergarden at Augustiner brewery in Salzburg.
Burger : own “MAX” design, previously powered by OS LA 46
Motor: AXI 2826/12
Prop: 12 x 6 APC E
Battery: LiFe 6X A123 2300
Controller: Jeti SPN 66 ( bigger than needed )
Timer: own design
Charge: 10 A, 18 min

Tokay : new design take apart airplane, 1750 gramm
Motor: Chinese Tera Hobby , 600K/ V
Prop: 13 x 6
Battery: Lipo 4/ 5350
Controller: Jeti 55 + Jeti box, governer mode
Timer: Zigras ( during practice RC transmitter is used )

View out of restaurant while enjoying a tasty "Palatschinken" and a dry Veltliner at dinner.
  In case you are more interested in pictures from the contest, you'll find a few of them HERE .