What and where is Radfeld?
Radfeld is in Tyrolia, a federal state of Austria. It’s a nice little village in a fantastic landscape, surrounded by an impressive mountain range, decorated with beautiful houses, equipped with comfortable hotels, populated by friendly inhabitants. And - oh yes, the local model flying club runs a control line aerobatics contest every other year ( alternating with the International contest at Salzburg ).

      Some years ago this contest started as a small local affair among Austrian flyers who invited their Swiss and German friends to join in their fun. The contest was run in a most friendly and relaxed manner. Flying beautiful aerobatic manoeuvres in front of a background of this alpine scenery is a joy in itself and reason enough to compete in this contest. Add to this the well known Austrian hospitality and the huge Schnitzel served on Sunday and you will be hard pressed for an excuse to not come to Radfeld.
Over the years word has been spread and this event is no longer a local happening. Participants come from several surrounding countries. In 2007 participation has grown to a level which many big international contests will be envious of : 31 flyers ! The judges were kept quite busy with two rounds on Saturday and one on Sunday.  
The winner was Jiri Vejmola of Czechia who is the current European Champion. Second place went to Alexander Schreck of Slovakia, while third place was earned by young German Richard Kornmeier.
The organizer really bent over backwards to provide us with a wonderful weekend. A big Thank You to the organizing club and to Walter Weinseisen for a great Tyrolian adventure.
A few pictures can be found HERE.