role turbo prop trainer
span 9,12 m
wing area 15 sq. m
weight 2280 kg
wing loading 208 kg/ sq.m
max speed 685 km/h
climb rate 1219 m/min
engine Pratt & Whitney
prop 5 blade composite
user Swiss Airforce
builder Pilatus
appearance points 20
    In the table at left you’ll see some technical data. If you think the information about line length and lap times is missing, it is because these are the technical details of a somewhat modified full size (two) man carrying version of Peter Germann’s latest stunter, the Pilatus PC 21.
    Top secret picture at right is view of assembling process of PC 21 at Germann Works.  
According to extensive Internet information the PC 21 is a most modern turboprop trainer airplane for pilot students at different stages of education. It is said to have highest technology equipment and superior performance in all task areas. No information is available about how many of Peter’s design ideas have had an influence or have been incorporated into the design and development of the PC 21. The Pilatus company prudently doesn't give the name of the chief designer.
After not being fully satisfied with the slightly unpopular weight data of the first prototype, Peter immediately produced the second version. I asked him to take some photos during the construction process and give me some technical details about the airplane. I asked for “some” ! You can see for yourself what the word “some” means in Swiss language.
The second version is a convincing success as can easily be seen in Peter’s contest results. You can read the full story when clicking on the PC 21 button.