Creativity is like a tree with many different branches. It can give birth to revolutionary inventions and/or breathtaking treasures of beauty (in the widest sense of this word). Just take a look at those most harmonious shapes of a Ferrari automobile; listen to the immortal sound of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”; or enjoy those eye candy marvels like the airplanes of guys like Fancher, Werwage, and others. All of them can be combined under one common aspect: beauty.  
  Control Line Aerobatics has always taken a prime role in my life. Since my somewhat limited technical talent has never allowed acceptable success in technical areas, I have left all other control line classes early and concentrated on Aerobatics, trying to find some beautiful solutions at least.  
I didn’t try this in the model world only. Since many years I’m trying to do water color painting. They say: if it’s not difficult it ain’t worth doing it at all. Well - I don’t see this so tight. But I cannot deny that there’s some truth to it. In water color you are not allowed to make mistakes. If you do you’ll have no chance for repair.
Isn’t there a similarity with CL stunt; for instance if we have built a warped wing ?!

There is more than this similarity. When starting a water color painting there’s a lot to think about the painting process. You cannot apply light colors over dark colors; that’s impossible. So you have to think in advance what you are going to do. White spots are not painted at all. They are not (cannot ! ) be painted - they are just left as they are: white! You have to plan very carefully about how to add all the other colors around them.
To me this seems very much like saving weight !

          There’s still another similarity - and to me this is the most important one. While guiding the brush, thinking about the whole process, and adding colors and shapes, the whole world around the painter just disappears and stops to exist! I just forget about time and space, forget hunger (a glass of good wine may be welcome ), I don’t hear the door bell or the telephone ring. I forget any controversy with that unbearable boss or the frustration about that rain washed out contest last weekend. All unpleasant impressions just fade out.
I’m one unit with the painting - I am IN IT. The brush is just a trivial tool in my hand which in itself is only an insignificant link from my mind to the painting; combining many different color areas into one artistic assembly. Isn’t a balsa knife a similar tool to cut different components which are united in a final shape and allow the evolution from basic ideas into overwhelming products of beauty and perfection ?!


Difficult to explain to people who have never had this experience - and it's a thousand pities that some people just don't understand what they are renouncing on.

Visitors to my home are always surprised to not find any of my paintings hanging on the walls of my appartment. This is easily understood by the thoughts mentioned above. I do not produce paintings in order to make any USE of them - hanging them on walls, showing them to the public, or even selling them. It’s the painting PROCESS which is the real reason why I paint :

Again there’s an interesting similarity with our modeling hobby: those who build and paint their beautiful airplanes want or even NEED the building process to live out their creative nature - and experience the satisfaction of one’s own unique performance! Please consider: those who take great efforts to build a truly outstanding and beautiful airplane don’t do this in order to gain any advantage at a contest. They know right in advance that (at least in FAI world) their efforts will not be rewarded at all. And yet they do it ! Knowing well that they are accepting a demanding challenge which will not necessarily help them to win negligible trophies, medals, etc. Just trying to meet and match their self-set standards.  
So - in the end it seems that there's not so much difference between a balsa knife and a brush - or any other kind of medium. It's the creative individual which chooses one or the other. Or both. Whatever the outcome - at this level points are not given!
Those friends who know about my passion are somewhat disappointed to not see any of my paintings shown in my home. Instead these are stored in a box, hidden in a cabinet, and nobody will ever see them, except he/she will ask for that (after all they were not painted for this purpose). Now one good friend suggested to at least show some of these paintings on my website. Jenni has convinced me. Since I didn’t have a strong excuse - here they are. I’ve chosen a selection of some of my better achievements.
  Please click on this little color blob below to see the collection. I hope you will enjoy.
P.S. I want to make it quite clear: I do not consider my handiwork as pieces of high art. They may be nice examples of good manual craft. However “Art” is a completely different matter. I was just surprised - and fascinated - by a sudden perception about the close connection between brush and balsa knife (that’s what inspired me to write this story). Basically they are mere tools , equally suited to live out our creativity. Quality of the final outcome (be it a painting or a model airplane or any other subject) doesn’t matter AT ALL ! It doesn’t discriminate the tool. But it may tell a little about the craftsman’s personality and what he wants to achieve.