Stunt flyers love the MUSTANG, don’t they ! There are not many full size airplanes which have such beautiful lines, shapes, and proportions. Besides, like in so many fighter airplanes we find almost ideal proportions to transfer this beauty into a competent aerobatic model.
It doesn’t take much to copy that typical Mustang look : the nose, the canopy, the belly radiator, and the fin - and we have created an airplane which everybody can easily recognize as a Mustang. Even if the scale idea is neglected and the wing built as a simple trapeze planform ; which I did. Span is 134 cm ( 53 inch ), 35 to 40 engine.
The fuselage nose came out a little short. With an OS 40 and a very light muffler the Centre of Gravity went a little too far back. It took me more than a few gram to get the CG in the correct place. With a heavier engine the nose length might be just right. However the overall weight should be kept within decent limits - this is a small airplane: wing area is slightly less than the Nobler.
There are no colour shots from this model, and they are not needed : except for the white colour base there are only two shades of silver. Scale lovers may be disappointed, but the white-silver-black combination plus those black ink lines make for a very elegant image. Also that little Mustang on the fin is strongly embellished and looks much more beautiful than the original ( didn’t I tell you I’m not a scale-nut ? ).