Peter Germann has decided to at least once get out of the rut of the endless search for ultimate stunt performance. There are so many exciting airplane shapes which just cry to be turned into a beautiful stunter. His interest became focused on the outlines of those sharp looking Schneider Trophy racers of the 20s. There’s a lot of information available on the Internet. Peter’s eyes were immediately caught by the Macchi Castoldi racer MC 72. This seaplane racer had flown a speed record of 709 km/h or 440 miles/h in 1934 over Lake Garda. The record is still valid.  
  To get a good image of the original craft Peter made a short trip to the Italian Air Force Museum which is situated at Lake Bracciano, a short distance from Rome. They have some original machines on display. These are in perfect condition and highly polished (!), quite suitable for making good photos, so important to add some nice details.
The rectangular wing shape didn’t keep Peter from choosing this prototype as a pattern for his new airplane. Of course the dimensions and proportions were stretched or compressed as necessary to obtain well proven aerobatic numbers. Of course the airplane had to be painted red. Firstly because the original was red, and secondly - well, Italians just love RED. The specifications of the airplane are given in the table below.

span 157 cm / 66 in
area 45 dm / 700 sq in
weight 1868 gr / 66 oz
engine RO Jett 76 RE
pipe 502 mm / 19 3/4 to first baffle
Propeller Brian Either 2 blade 14 x 4,25
tank uniflo 183 ccm / 6 1/2 oz
venturi diameter 5,5 mm / 0,216 in
fuel 10 % nitro 20 % synthetic oil
    As luck would have it this reporter managed a chance shot of this bella macchina at a low level speed pass . In the background you can clearly see the famous Capella di Santa Maria della Acrobatina Controlata at the shore of Lago Grande di Gravela Pita.
Mamma mia !