MOOD INDIGO is again one of those racer style designs. Span 150 cm, for 45 to 50 size engines ( original had Super Tiger 46 ). It has a horizontally mounted engine.  
Because it was decided to have the needle protrude at the bottom of the fuselage, the fuel feed line had to go over the engine. This caused some problems. The needle valve assembly was replaced by an old valve taken from an RC carburator which has fuel inlet and needle on the same side. Now the fuel line ran below the engine and all problems were gone.
Tank design gets a little complicated with all tubes leaving the fuselage on the outboard side. Here they are nicely hidden by the cheek cowl, but it takes some careful planning to find the right copper tube bending within the tank.
With a heavier engine than the Super Tiger 46 the fuselage nose can be shortened a little. Also the rear fuselage should be slightly longer.