The newly established "Lady Race" event was met with great enthusiasm among several Swiss ladies, provided that their husbands would competently serve as mechanics. Alas the vivacious activity came to an early halt when husbands were confronted with some unexpected race procedures they were notquite familiar with, and which could not be found in the rule book either.
    Earnest Hemingway has written the novel "Death in the Afternoon". The meaning of this title is not quite unknown to us. Did he have any experience with control line? Find out HERE .

The famous international POP group " Los Quadros Controllinos" is on tour again. The webmaster of this site was extremely pleased to be given the honour to interview the group at the Four Stroke five star hotel. This popular ensemble recently won its first Golden Record with the giant hit "Top Flite Serenade", followed by the great success of their muffled interpretation of " A Very Mad Patrol". With their new song " Noblerooga Choo Choo" they hope to have another 10 point start for the final break through into the Muncie Top Five charts with respectable impact. The group members readily answered all questions concerning their unique four stroke sound, extraordinary pipe technology, and RPM of their heavy wind instruments. On their tour the group will give appearance in many cities, including Muncie, Tucson, Landres, and Valladolid.



  These four soloists ( from left: Quicky Tanko, Ino Resonata, Don Maximo Glosso, and Noisy Combata ) totally renounce on nitro drugs while composing their songs, and write their own texts incorporating themes from the FAI rule book.  
says the fir :
Beech, do you think that after my death I can be a light stunt model ? Forget it, fir, you're way too heavy. Me, I'd be glad if I only could be a model box.
  Good judges are hard to come by. It is high time to spend some thoughts on how to find new judges. Some new ways of recruiting them are presented here .
There was only one passenger who thoroughly enjoyed the flight - a stunt flyer.            
  Pleasant though Precision Aerobatic flying may be - there are flights which will remain in your memory slightly longer than you would prefer.
Close to where I live the the small river “Lone” has formed a narrow valley with steep rocks and limestone caves. Many invaluable discoveries from ice age were found here, including the famous “Lionman”; a mystic figure made out of mammoth ivory some 30000 years ago, which is considered the oldest human piece of art ever found.
When wandering through an inaccessible canyon, one day I found some ancient drawings on a rock which had never been discovered before. Obviously the drawings represent certain equipment and tools which ice age people used during leisure hours. Until now archaeologists failed to determine the meaning of these drawings.
I think I can give them a hint.

New rules are urgently needed. I just fail to understand how we ever could fly under present rules and be happy with our control line life. It must have been chaos - and nobody noticed. Time for instant and drastic change has come!    
              Writing rules is not an easy task. Formulation requires uttermost concentration and attention to detail. Sometimes even Gods struggle for understanding flyer's wishes and for finding precise wording.          
    This is the story of the historic meeting of Orville and Wilbur Wright,Al Rabe, and Billy Werwage. Read about the tremendous influence Control Line Stunt aerodynamics had on the "Flyer's" design.
  more about judges' life HERE !                    
  Extensive experience with miscarried eye operation might suggest that modern doctors are not what they used to be. Wrong, the opposite is true! Responsible doctors really try hard to keep thair clients from having to see sad reality - which very often is not worth seeing anyway.        
  Rules are rules, and templates are rules, too. Doesn't matter if template makers don't know why they have to make templates or how they are done right. . That's not important. Important is that templates are made. We don't need a jury - we need templates. Templates are the essence of life. Templates ARE life ! I make templates - ergo I am !