Please enter the hangar. Like in every hangar you will find a chaos. A lot of different things in not so organized order. Take your time and see many pictures of the stunt circle, about activities and airplanes. There will be some general news, some information about the European Aerobatic scene, and some thoughts about the peculiarities of PA. There will also be some stuff which doesn't fit quite well into other categories, so it is included here. Latest additions will be at the top of the table. Clicking on the name buttons will get you to the respective pages.
Information about a very nice contest in Southern Germany at Lake Konstanz.
I think it's time to tell a little bit about Yves Fernandez (France) and his creations of beauty and perfection.
mystical metamorphose of commercial kit into simple yet advanced aerobatic trainer.
Many control line Aerobatic flyers have other hobbies, too. Very often these have also to do with aesthetics. No wonder!
Pictures of an International contest in Liezen, Austria, 2012
Yves Fernandez (France) pleases us with another jewel out of his master workshop
Some helpful hints about making those elegant fairings
A few basic rules gained from experience about how to design a decent aerobatic airplane
A strange physical force (GP) acts on our airplanes. An attempt to explain it.
Biplanes are not obsolete at all. Even top flyer Luciano Compostella has presented one - and very successfully, at that !!
Yves Fernandez of France can show us what a really creative mind is capable of.
Some hints on how to build a Take-Apart airplane - the traditional way.
The last contest of the German 2010 season with lots of relaxed flying in several fun events
A hopeful look into one Oh so bright future.
A few pictures from the Landres 2010 contest, at the famous French World Championship's control line site
A trip to enjoy Italian contest atmosphere, hospitality, gastronomy, and climate (?!)
Some thoughts about the latest creation and a detailed description of the colour design process
Not quite a pioneer - but a very remarcable individual and a amiable dreamer
How much time do we have to fly a corner? You'll be surprised.
If we want our judges to do a good job, we owe them to give helpful advice and information. A funny idea to teach new judges and to train old ones.
Creating and drawing rib shapes for wings with different outlines.
Pictures of a great contest weekend in impressive Alpine surroundings at Radfeld, Austria.
A report from the German Control Line Nationals.
The true story about how the Flyer was designed.
Many construction photos plus building instructions for an easy to build profile stunter with Focke Wulf 190 looks.
A slightly different view on "old" problems and some appropriate solutions to solve them.
See some pictures of the "Swiss International" - one of the most prestigous CL events in Europe.
Some information about the airplane which was built for VSC Tucson 2009 - a copy from Don Still's 1952 STUKA.
A short rundown of my 2009 Arizona adventure plus VSC results and pictures.
If you don't know why you fly Stunt - here are the reasons why you do - or should do.
BOM for FAI? Unthinkable until now. The present situation may require some new ways of thinking.
A semi scale stunter from France with electric motor, retract gear, sliding canopy. Photos of Thierry Saunier's marvelous Dewoitine warbird.
Miniaturisation at its best and the man behind it - Paul Gerber's amazing achievments.
A detailed rundown on how a graphic design process evolves from the beginning blank paper to the final outcome.
Simple construction and basic attempt to to fly a Messerschmidt the electric way.Text and photos.
Isn't there a way to get some fun out of practice flying? Maybe we'll have to adjust our attitude.
Italian life style: top performance level on the circle as well as quality of food and wine at the fabulous banquet. Report plus pictures.
We've all made those flights which were short of a catastrophe. You don't remember? Look!
Hemingway - an aficionado of Control Line? At least the title of his novel seems to indicate that he knew about some very painful experience.
A complete airforce built from Paper? You might be surprised what is possible.
Photos of the World Championships 2008 at the excellent Control Line stadium at Landres, France.
Nice contest in relaxed atmosphere in Belgium. Organizer supports Old Time event. Good participation and delicious barbeque.
First class article by Bill Draper, England, on how to keep the lines tight.
Read the story and see pictures from one of the greatest International Contests in Europe in wonderful Austrian landscape.