With a span of 84 cm and a 2,5 to 3,5 ccm ( 15 to 19 ) engine this is about the smallest size airplane I would suggest for raw beginners as a basic entry into control line flying ( I’ve already mentioned my opinions about beginner models on another page ).  
I don’t think that anything less than 2,5 ccm can give beginners the necessary feel for the airplane, trust in line tension, and satisfaction from first successful flights.  
      Coronet is about as simple to build as possible as long as a built up wing is preferred ( which I do ). Wing planform is rectangular; parts have mostly straight lines which are easy to cut, controls are outside of wing. Even the wing centre sheeting is glued on top of the ribs and spars ( instead of “inlet” ), so all the ribs have the same shape and can be easily worked out in one block.
Coronet was designed at a time when jet lines were “en vogue”. That’s why the tip tanks were added . They give some character to this little airplane, but of course they can be just left off. Also the “paint scheme” is easy to do: all white with a few black details.