My visit to the World Championships 1970 ( as a spectator ) opened my eyes for what a beautiful aerobatic airplane should look like. Mssrs. Werwage, Gieseke, and Phelps showed jewels in a perfection I had never considered possible. I had never seen ink lines (!) before. I was spoiled forever. Next winter I built the COMMODORE.  
In the fashion of those days it was a jet style airplane, with cool rakish lines, with a removable “drop tank” ( held with a spring ), sheet wheel covers. Exciting. As far as I know it was the first model in Germany with ink lines!
Span 127 cm, 6,5 ccm engine, an airfoil with blunt nose which began to get popular in those days. Commorore was powered with a Fox 35 first. But since the model was too heavy ( almost 1500 gram, too much paint!) the Fox didn’t quite pull it and was soon replaced with an OS 40P. If my memory serves me right it flew quite well ( for my skill level at that time ); I placed 25th at tmy first World Championships 1972 in Helsinki. As I see it now I would lengthen the rear fuselage slightly.  
I liked the looks of this airplane so much that a few years later I built another version ( different design ). Span 150 cm, ST 46. Other people seemed to like this design, too, and quite a few Commodores have been built.