BODMAN may not exactly be a household term to ordinary people. But it does have a meaning among Control Line Aerobatic flyers in Southern Germany - and not only there.
Some 15 years ago the model club of Konstanz dared to run a stunt contest on its club field on a very basic level. Competitors didn’t expect any support by the club. They brought their own food and drinks, spent the nights in tents, and only wanted to have fun.

  It was a most enjoyable affair among like minded people on a local level, with about 12 to 15 flyers competing. Alas the club lost its flying field . At least it was possible to find a solution for the control line flyers.
It didn’t take very long until the word spread that this event was much more than a simple contest routine. Bodman is situated right at the shore of Lake Konstanz and at the bottom of the surrounding mountains. It’s a lovely landscape and a very popular tourist area. Located pretty much in the center of middle Europe several flyers from neighbor countries were stimulated by inspiring reports from earlier participants. Participation increased slowly but consistently.

Bodman village lies beautifully at the North-West end of Lake Constance. It is situated in a very nice country site and one of the most popular tourist areas in Southern Germany, yet prices are still acceptable. There’s more reason to visit this area than just for flying in a contest. Competitors usually come from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Netherlands. But we’ve also had the privilege to meet flyers from far away countries; like Keith Trostle and Jim Roades from the US or father and son Case plus Bene Rodrigues from Brasil. Usually we have about 25 to 30 competitors.  
The present situation is almost ideal. The contest is run on a sports center which includes one very good football grass field and one more football field for sufficient practice flights ( during all contest days; even during Friday afternoon !). The best part of this joy is the club house situated very close to the flying field. They have a restaurant with several tables plus a small hall for festivities which we’ve already used several times in the past when the weather didn’t cooperate. But the ultimate top is the terrace. Situated about 2 meters above ground you have a perfect view over the flying field. Most flyers spend the time between their official flights on the shadowed terrace with some more or less stimulating drinks. Good local meals are also available with fresh fish from the lake. We competitors have the advantage of having permission to use the rest rooms and showers of the club house for those who prefer to spend the night in tents, campers, or mobile homes. The climate in this region is one of the best in Germany. Should anybody suffer from too much heat there is an open air swimming bath in the lake within walking distance. Just imagine - a refreshing jump into cool water after each flight !!
    The last contest was run on August 3 – 4. Apart from a 20 minutes rainstorm especially arranged for the author the weather was fine - very hot! As is quite usual with stunt flyers the organization ran extremely smooth. Prize giving could be held in early afternoon so everybody had enough time to head for home.

There’s absolutely nothing negative that could be said about the Bodman event. A relaxed contest in a most friendly atmosphere with perfect facilities - if this is what you like you shouldn’t miss it. So I cannot help but give the highest score in contest ranking for this event (area, location, accomodations, atmosphere, organization) :
Five “handles” out of five !

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