Whenever Yves Fernandez from France has built a new airplane we mere mortals are just standing in awe. How can one person build so many models in such a short time! Yves was kind enough to send me several pictures of his latest creation - a BEARCAT.  
As usual the workmanship is outstanding. Yves’ creativity is more than sufficient to design his own airplanes. Nevertheless - sometimes he likes to get some inspiration from other flyers’ ideas. Usually he applies his own ideas to the original layout, uses his own magnificent metal work, and never fails to include some new and surprising ideas.
  Yves uses popular well accepted engines - or he may even build his own engines! Very often he adds clever solutions to existing engines; like making his own venturis including practical mounting devise. Even in this area his mind is full of surprising ideas. And - mind you - his engines RUN !!            
    Yves has promised to give me more and detailed information about his airplane soon. I just didn’t want to withhold you from enjoying the pictures of his outstanding work. Exact technical details will be added later.      
Clicking on this little button will get you to an album with lots of Yves' construction photos.