I prefer to use the term "airplane". I don't like the word "model".

In common language a model is a duplicate. It's not the real thing. It's made in the same size or in larger scale than the original, but very often in a smaller scale. These two aspects - the copied version and the smaller size - seem to indicate inferior value. They associate thoughts about substitute and compensation (" he cannot afford to own a big one, so he must be satisfied with the small one "). I'm convinced that the word "model" has done more harm to model flying than we can imagine. No wonder we're looked at as the kid's toy corner of avaiation.

What we are building and flying are real airplanes. Except for the scale fraternity our creations are airplanes in their own right, with their very own tasks, goals, characteristics, laws, and values. Since they are not slavishly patterned after any original they are real "full size" airplanes, regardless of their physical size. So let's talk about airplanes here.

What I intend to show here are not necessarily the biggest, most famous, most successful, or most spectacular airplanes. It's a collection of different styles. The scope is wide enough to include simple designs for the aspiring stunt novice, pretty fun vehicles, up to modern state of the art aerobatic craft. There's no intend to apply any ranking method. Each airplane is a typical example of its respective category, chosen randomly except for my special demands for aesthetics or for any unique features. Otherwise this corner is meant for your personal pleasure and - if possible - as an inspiration for future activities. A click on the name button will get you to the desired page.

Maybe some of these pages will not neccessarily cause instant excitement. The reason these pages are added here is: on my plans page I have offered a small selection of plans of my own design ( please read the information given on this page ). To give more details about the type of airplane, the design, size, dimensions, engine etc. there's a separate page for each design. Also I felt it helpful to add some advice. Some designs might benefit from a few subtle modifications which can improve the flight characteristics and turn them into quite accepteble aerobatic tools. On these pages a reduced size drawing is shown, too.

The links on the plans page will lead you to these extra pages. Since many visitors are only interested in pictures and entertaining information, you can get to those pages from here, too. Enjoy !