CIAM International Aeromodelling Committee at FAI 
Pampa American CL aerobatic pilot's association 
Clapa  British CL aerobatic pilot's association
Fesselflug-Forum German control line forum 
Stuka Stunt popular CL aerobatic forum 
Hangar Flying model flying forum 
 Stunt Hanger  CL forum, building tips
Fesselflug-Center  best German CL website, English section
Lassogeier  general CL website, in German
Goran Olsson  general CL website, many news
Martin Hepperle Aerodynamics
The elmores

plans, articles

Hans Stocker  Swiss CL website
Dave Day information about Dave's interests, mainly CL 
Gabriele Macri  plans,plans, plans
Igor Burger  good technical information
Uncle Willy plans 
Tom Dixon plans, engines, kits, accessories
Brodak  everything for CL
SIG  everything for CL
Urtnowski lots of accessories, videos  
Bolly propellers 
PS Aero CL accessories 
X List old plans 
FMT magazine, wide choice of plans, planbook  
CLcentral  accessories, spray masks
CFC Graphics  model graphic design, paint masks