Three teams fly a race together in one circle. He who has finished 100 laps first is the winner. The limited tank volume ( 7 ccm ) allows for only about 35 laps. So pit stops are required. This is a challenge for the mechanic to catch the model, refill the tank, start the engine, and relaunch the airplane as fast as possible. Models are going over 200 km/h , so both members of the team should have lightening reflexes. After several qualification rounds the final is flown over 200 laps.    
    Exact rules define size and dimensions of the model. Flying wings have proved to be superior .      
  2,5 ccm racing diesel engines only. They are less thirsty than glows. A compromise setting must be found between high speed and long range ( many laps ).      
Pilots usually have the character of nervous race horses. However they are limited by very strict rules for flying conduct . The race is observed by keen eyed judges. Violation of rules result in warnings. After three warnings = disqualification !